Fight Card 2012

The IL State Boxing Commission will not allow us to have Officers
fight multiple times in one night. While for the past 15 years this
has been acceptable, and with a near perfect safety record, the State
is telling us no.
We have matched Officers together and made some "teams".
We have 6 officers from Cook County Sheriffs Dept.
We have 3 from CPD and 3 from ICE, as well as 4 from Cicero.
The rest of the Officers will be put on a "Metro Team"
What this will entail, is everyone will fight only one match. 3
rounds, one minute rounds with a minute break. The winners will get a
Supercop Champion custom award.
There will also be a team award, fight of the night, and submission of the night.
While we all love the tournament this is the only format we can do
right now. We are supporting 2 causes- The brotherhood for the fallen,
and the 100 Club of Chicago. 2 outstanding Charities.
Below is the fight card thus far:
  1. Eibar Fuentes vs Art Albarran 175
  2. Mike Mulcahy Lidio Pasillas  185
  3. Bob Caufield 205 vs Kendall Corbin 205
  4. Erin Murphy vs Jessica Antia 150
  5. Jose Rojas vs Kurt Winquist (catch weight 175)
  6. Henry Cockrell  vs Andrew Burnell- heavy weight
Cook County vs Metro Team
  1. Leonardo Arenas vs Jason Mitchum 205
  2. Eric Sicliano vs Joe Bialkowski 205
  3. justin Barber  vs Juan Mireless 205
  4. Marcus Ellison vs Dennis Rodriguez heavy weight
Standby boxers
  1. - Tim Schaffer
GRAPPLING  ***Only these three divisions**
  1. Rick Robinson 155
  2. erik swastek 155
  1. Alex Embry 170
  2.  Joel mantia 170
Cruiserweight- 185-
  • Juan Tapia
  • Kevin Hopkins
  • Ben Grabowski
Light Heavyweight-205
  1. Jerald Lewis
  2. Robert Boehnke
  3. Robert Corbin